Rest – why is it important


Rest is important and comes in the form of sleep and rest days during a training program where you don’t go to the gym, don’t lift weights or do exercise. These are used to give your body a chance to recuperate, for muscles to repair and to ensure you aren’t overtraining.

What can happen if I don’t allow my body rest:
Catabolism (important for body builders to understand)
Decrease in testosterone
Decrease in Energy
Decrease in Growth hormone
Slower results
Lack of motivation
Struggle sleeping
Lowering of immune system

Getting as many hours of sleep as you can a night is hugely important. Many people don’t understand how important sleep is in the process of muscle building and fat burning. One of the main reasons is to do with the release of growth hormone, which is key in the repairing of muscles and the fat burning processes in the body (for more information on the importance of growth hormone in fat loss Click here)

Rest days
Rest days away from the gym are important as a part of any training program. First off for the bodybuilders, your muscles don’t grow at the time you are lifting weights, muscle growth occurs when you allow your muscle fibres to repair themselves, they can only do this by giving them adequate rest. For the general gym goer rest is important to ensure you are not working your body into the ground and therefore overtraining. Overtraining can bring a lot of negatives with it as mentioned earlier and you need to be aware of the symptoms such as changing moods e.g. Snapping at people when you usually wouldn’t, fatigue and struggling to sleep amongst other symptoms.

People might find it hard to stay away from the gym through guilt of missing a workout, the desire to lose weight and just plain and a simply loving to exercise, but having adequate rest has its place and should be present in everyone’s program.

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